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Spokesmodel Requirement Details


Female, 21 years of age or older

Job Includes:

Salary: $40,000
Use of a Sports Car provided by Mark Martin Ford of Batesville, Arkansas.
Wardrobe, accessories, hair and make up products provided by Bad Boy Mowers.
All travel expenses paid for by Bad Boy Mowers.

Expected Travel Itinerary:

You MUST be available on short notice. This commitment will be your highest priority commitment during the year.
The mower busy season is February through May, requiring travel every weekend and some weekdays.
Travel requirements slow down during the middle of the summer, and picks up again early fall, requiring at least two weekends each month and some weekdays.
The Annual Dealer Meeting is scheduled during the Fall and MUST BE ATTENDED.

Travel Details Include:
  • Distance to event under 5 hours: required to drive to the event.
  • Distance over 5 hours: commercial flight will be provided from the closest local airport.
  • Sales Representatives will be responsible for picking you up from the airport and provide transportation and meals during the event.
  • Hotel Accommodations provided by Bad Boy Mowers.
    (Keep all receipts from travel expenses to be reimbursed by Bad Boy:
    These include gas to airport, bag fees, meals without sales rep, airport parking)
  • Time off will be allowed for: sickness, funerals, weddings you’re participating in and vacation (approved beforehand).


Bad Boy Mowers is the most aggressive television advertiser in the industry. We advertise coast-to-coast and border-to-border through our sponsorship of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and nationally with regional and local markets in support of our dealers with TV advertising appearing during NCAA March Madness, College Football and College Gameday, as well as NFL Sunday Night Football.

Fall Television Commercials: Shoot each Fall, generally in August.
Annual Poster/Billboard Picture: Shoot each Fall, generally in August.
Spring Television Commercials: Shoot each January or February.

Representation Requirements:

You will be representing the Bad Boy Mowers Brand and will be expected to maintain:

  • Maintain overall appearance all year: including your weight, hair length, hair color, hair style, etc.
  • For all company events, have full make up on, hair styled and wearing appropriate attire.
  • You will be responsible for your own hair and make up for all events.
  • Have nails done prior to all events.
  • Maintain a natural, healthy glow (through tanning, lotion or sprays, provided by Bad Boy)
  • No hair cuts immediately following any video or photo shoots due to the chance of edits/reshoots.
    On the chance of a reshoot, bring the same clothes and style yourself the exact same way.

Actions and Attitude:

Be courteous to everyone during events, establish friendly relationships with our customers, dealers and company employees. Remember, you are representing our brand.

You will be expected to learn our company background and minimum knowledge of our product’s features and benefits.

We expect more than just a pretty face! Personality and ease in social situations is essential.

  • Drinking during events.
  • Smoking in public places during events.
  • Fraternizing with Employees, Dealers, Sponsors or Vendors of Bad Boy Mowers.

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"Guys, there's just more to love about a Bad Boy.”

"Built better with more power and at a better price....
That's Bad Boy baby... Mow with an Attitude!"

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